Avoiding Hostel Theft

If you’re staying in hostels, not only will you be sharing a room with a bunch of strangers you’ve never met and will likely never see again, so will your valuables. Sadly you won’t be able to keep an eye on them at all times. Here are some of the tips that have allowed me […]

4 Reasons why McDonalds is awesome for travellers

Yes, McDonalds may seem like the last place you want to eat when abroad. However, there are some great reasons to stop in and get your daily fix of good old American gluttony while abroad. It isn’t the run down greasy establishment of yesteryear, McDonalds is really trying to clean up their act (although the […]

Using your iPhone Traveling Through Europe

  I realize smartphone may not be the right term to use here as the whole phone element may be basically removed. You’ll be surprised how easy it is surviving with your phone in airplane mode and still be astounded by what it can do to enhance your trip. So if you’re willing to dedicate […]


Checklist: Before you Depart

-          Notify your bank about your plans and tell them the general area and countries you plan on visiting and how long you’ll be gone for. If you don’t your bank may think your card info has been stolen rendering your card unusable while you’re abroad. Also be sure to set maximum daily limits on […]

How to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe

Everyone has heard horror stories about pick pockets stealing wallets and valuables off an unsuspecting tourist. You’ll surely run into a fellow traveler in a hostel that has had something stolen by one.  It’s important to know that you don’t have to be terrified every second and go to extreme measures to avoid pick pockets. […]

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All about booking hostels

If you’ve never been on a backpacking journey, you’re probably nervous about how you’ll be able to find a bed for the night. There’s also some tricks to finding accommodation when you may think there is none and easy ways to save a buck or two. I’ll share the ways I’ve been able to travel […]

Hostel life isn’t like the horror movies

  Hostels aren’t all sketchy dimly lit, poorly furnished, smelly collections of beds in a small closet like you may imagine. Hostels are safe these days and I have yet to sleep in one fearing I’ll wake up missing one of my kidneys. Hostel life isn’t only for teenagers on a gap year after high […]

Lisbon Destination Hostel

Barcelona Metro Train

Getting Around in the City with Public Transport

Unless you enjoy casually partaking in solo marathons on a daily basis, you’re going to have to use public transport to get around the cities you’re staying in. Here’s a quick post to prepare you for what to expect when taking public transport to get around European cities.            

Europe Tourist Scams and How To Avoid Them

Not everyone is out to get you when you’re out of your element; However, there are some less than trustworthy individuals who will seize the opportunity to exploit a tourist they will never see again. Thankfully many of the Europe tourist scams are similar and easy to recognize once you know the setup. The following […]

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Kayak Destination Explore Feature

Saving Money Flying to Europe

Many of you are probably thousands of miles away from continental Europe, and are likely not going to spend days on a boat traversing the Atlantic Ocean.  You’re likely getting there by airplane and looking to find ways to save money flying to Europe. Don’t go visit a travel agent or book on online before […]

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